A Call to Uncomfort

by Olivia Joy

As change ensues, us humans are overwhelmed with a sense of unrest and uncomfort. The self-battle this triggers is one that begs the question of whether or not that unrest is a good thing or whether it will drive us into a downward spiral, questioning our very existence. I think that sense of wonder is where it has got to end. Living life purely seeking comfort is a dangerous lie to become entangled in, but surely an easy one.

It is necessary to separate the notion of living in a comfortable state and allowing your heart to be comfortable when you become satisfied living an unfulfilling life just because it’s easy. That’s it, simple as that.

The reason that I felt so inclined to write this post was spurred by the most recent change in my life, which will more clearly articulate the heart behind this post. Just two days ago, I completed the paperwork to change my entire course of education. See, being a special education teacher has been my supposed dream for about eight years now and come early last week, I felt overwhelming opposition and struggled to even think about the potential that this dream may not actually be what I am called to do for the rest of my life.

“Do not merely listen to the Word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says” James 1:22

I then asked: “If not this, then what?” How would I go from having it all figured out for eight years of my life, to suddenly realizing that everything is about to change and having no clear look at the future? Just as that question was muttered, “Art! Of course, art..” See, that’s where I start realizing, hey it’ll all work out.” But still lingering in my head, the thought of not having control of really really big decision is actually terrifying. But let’s face it, the following thoughts are all true.

  • A whole lot changes in eight years — can I truly expect to have the same dream for this whole time?
  • Why should I settle? no one should settle for the sake of comfortability.
  • And let’s face it, sometimes, just sometimes…I don’t know everything. The Creator of the Universe probably has it at least a little more figured out than I do.

I started to realize after this convicting moment, that what I had perceived my future to look like if I were to continue on the same track of education, would not be the reality in which I am confident I am called to live.

See, when you are pushed beyond your zone of comfort, we cannot be held back by our desire to combat change. We cannot succumb to this earthly ideal that we need to have a clear look at the rest of our lives and strive for money and status in order to be a person of worth, that’s a rough life to get caught up in; it’s more important to pursue a life that will be fulfilling and will ensure godly joy. That means a joy that is everlasting and does not waiver from day to day: a joy that is rooted within the Gospel, the story of Jesus. For me, this looked like be stepping beyond the realm of comfort that I had forced myself to live within for so many years and embracing a new way of living, one that may not be sure and may not be set in stone, but one that I have been called to live.

So, while I’ve got you here, I’m not saying “Hey, question every aspect of your life to ensure it’s the “right” path, whatever that means. But more so, I say with a posture of encouragement: never ever feel like you have to settle. When you’ve got that gut feeling that leads you to a place of questioning your next move, don’t dismiss that feeling. Dive into it. Search for purpose and know that comfort isn’t worth sacrificing your joy.

That’s it: I’m a studio art major and I’m overwhelmed with peace because of it.