A Really Quick Thought About A Really Important Something

by Olivia Joy

There becomes a point, where as humans, we should be utterly disturbed  by some of the happenings that surround us. We should be so put off by them that we can’t help but respond. And by some kind of way, we justify reasons to dismiss that discomfort and that off-putting feeling.

There should be NO reason that we as Americans are okay with seeing families sleep on the concrete with maybe a blanket being all that keeps them warm in the chilling 20 degrees of winter. No reason that we should be okay with knowing that there are thousands of children EVERY DAY being sold into sex slavery. No reason that we should sleep soundly knowing that so many women fear to go home to their husbands..No reason for people being murdered left and right with no people begging the question why. Yet there are people who are sitting on the sideline, indifferent, who are apathetic. We as a human race should be allies and justice-seekers & fighters and people who do not need to be begged to see that this is a problem.

All politics and personal beliefs aside, this isn’t a rant to make us all feel guilty that we don’t pay attention to what’s around us, this is a call to action that should convict your heart and make you uncomfortable. It should disturb you. It’s about time that we all need to do something.

Nothing is to say that I know what that something is, but it’s sure worth exploring, wouldn’t you say?

Because that man that I just passed laying underneath the freeway as it’s unbearably cold outside..yeah, there is no reason for that. Absolutely none.